How to Write an Essay About your College Career Goals

Writing a career goals essay is not a simple task. Anyone can simply write about their career goals in a few lines or even in a short paragraph or two. However, writing an essay on your career goals could be frustrating and a lot of time people just could not get hold of the direction in which to continue their essay. A lot of colleges and graduate schools require a career goals essay or personal statement in which the student has to discuss about his future goals this essay is often the base of the admission in the institute depending on how clearly and logically you have conveyed your goals. Writing the essay is not as hard as it seems all you need is the right direction which means planning and practice.

Determine your career goals

The very first thing you need to do is identifying your career goals. According to several studies, goals of a person evolve as he grows up, receives education, meet different people and go to places. Therefore it is not important that you have the same goals now which you had three years or even a year ago. People’s likes and dislikes can change every day. However, setting a goal is extremely important as that motivates you to do better and work harder.

First and foremost, set your career goals. Specifically think about it. There could be different ways you can do the prewriting procedure like brainstorming, mapping, free writing or clustering. However, following are the few important questions you must have answers of when writing the career goals essay.

  1. What are your professional goals and dream job and why do you want them?
  2. Why does it appeal to you?
  3. What do you want to achieve in your future professional career?
  4. Do you have any previous experiences with this type of work?

You will need to do extensive research according to your field and then construct the answers for the given questions. Each question should be separately answered and for the research you can either do it by observing your personality, attitude and surroundings or you can also search on the internet.

Assemble and organize

Write down all your ideas regarding your career goals on a paper and organize them in proper sentences and paragraphs. Write down a concise sentence explaining the main idea of your goals on which the focus of your essay would base on serving as the thesis statement. Make an outline for the paper on which you are going to work and write. The career goals essay paper should follow a proper general structure including the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Make sure the introduction you write is not too long and talks about the background information of your choice of career and the goals you have according to that.

Support it with facts

The key factor to adopt in order to produce an excellent piece of writing is by looking at it from the reader’s point of view. Always consider how a reader would look at it. This way you will be able to produce a more impressive essay. The body paragraphs are the descriptive part of the essay and you should be very careful while writing it. Talk about the goals you have in detail and discuss your plans of how you are going to achieve them. Adding concrete examples in the essay is an excellent way to define your goals and career choice. The body paragraphs should solely base on relevant facts and figures. Including facts in any argument portrays the essay writer being fully aware regarding the topic he is writing about. You should extensively explain with the help of examples why you fit for the career you are selecting and how exactly will you achieve the goals you have set. Make sure whatever you write is coming from your heart as it is the proven method to impress the readers and produce quality content. There are a number of career goals essay sample which you can use for help as well.

Effective conclusion

Writing an effective conclusion is the most important part. It is the one last chance when you can shed light on your career goals however, this time it should be more creative than extensive. You can also add an impressive quote or an emotional phrase in your conclusion paragraph in order to give it a unique and memorable touch. The conclusion should be given its fair share of effort and time as the readers mostly remember the conclusion paragraphs and often judge the student n the quality of his conclusion.

Revise and edit

Writing the conclusion is not the final step of writing your career goals essay. Once you are done with your essay, you must give yourself a break from it. Spend a few days away from it and then come back to your essay. This time your mind will be fresh enough to identify your mistakes and even look at it from a different perception which might make you change the essay a little bit or even completely. Nevertheless, reviewing and editing is the most important step of writing anything especially essays as important as career goals essay for college admission. It will help you to make sure that your essay is completely error free and perfect.

Writing a career goals essay or personal statement for getting admission in college or graduate schools seems quite an intimidating task. The mentioned tricks are the ones which will help you to write an impressive and up to the mark essay to secure your admission procedure. However, if you still feel like your essay is not in excellent quality or not impressive enough then you can easily take help from any online essay writing service. These services not only provide editing services but also provide writing essays from scratch. Since getting admission is an extremely crucial step of a student’s life, therefore he must make sure that his career goals essay is impressive enough.